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Michelle specializes in working with individuals and teams in business to help them make long term change.  She will provide you with in the moment feedback and the tools to be successful in reaching your personal and corporate goals. Some of her services include, but are not limited to, organizational consulting, transformational coaching, leadership / management training and meeting facilitation.


Move beyond operations!

Michelle will help you grow your team into one that owns the business with you.


Michelle Beckman

Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer



If your goal is to develop your potential and become a better leader, Michelle will help you learn how to engage in a process of development that will fuel your personal growth for a lifetime. In hourly sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you will engage with Michelle in individualized, deep level process work.  


Teams and Meetings


Is your team too immersed in operations to see the big picture? If you need your team to be more effective and think more strategically, Michelle will attend your meetings at regular intervals and intervene in a way to take your work to the next level. She will course correct behavior in the moment to help your team rapidly become more highly functional.  


Management Training


Research has shown that excellent workers often get promoted to management without aquiring the necessary skills. I can help design a core curriculum to insure that your managers learn the higher level skills they need.  These managers will be taught to better engage and develop people and teams, achieve organizational goals, run effective meetings, and other skills as needed. 


Conflict Management


All organizations experience conflict. Michelle will help facilitate the conflict management process by teaching people and teams how to change behaviors and habits that lead to unresolvable, ongoing conflicts. You will learn the framework and acquire skills to manage conflict successfully.







W. Gregory Guy, Air Force One, CEO

Columbus, Ohio


"I wanted to take a moment and share with you how I feel you have helped me, our associates, and our company get better. The one thing other than change that is constant in the workplace is conflict. As leaders we all inherently know how important healthy conflict is to getting to the right answer. However, when conflict turns interpersonal many leaders are lost on how to deal with it and coach others through it to a successful outcome.


You have helped me and the associates on my leadership team recognize unhealthy conflict and improve our skills for working through it quickly and safely. This has been huge for us! We now spend our time focusing on the important items facing the business instead of skirting sensitive interpersonal, white elephant issues."


Many Thanks!








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